MOMOLAND’s Jane confirms she was fansite master for INFINITE’s L (and Sunggyu)

Back in February it was rumored that MOMOLAND‘s Jane ran a fansite dedicated to INFINITE member L as well as Sunggyu. Well now Jane has blessed us with confirmation during an appearance on SBS Power FM‘s ‘Youngstreet‘ radio show, telling photographer Ahn Tae Young and WINNER‘s Seungyoon during a conversation about photography and cameras.

While talking about photography, Kang Seung Yoon asked Jane whether it was true that she had taken photos of a singer before her debut as his fan. It has been widely speculated that Jane was once a “home master,” a Korean term for a fan who runs a web page for their idol and takes photos and video of the celebrity, for INFINITE’s L. Jane responded by stating, “To be honest, this is actually the first time I’m personally talking about it. Everyone has an artist that they like. Because I love photography, I wanted to capture my favorite artist’s moments through my camera.” Jane also revealed that her speciality is in portraits. The idol also revealed that her love of photography stems from her father. She explained, “My father used to be a photographer when he was younger. Ever since I was little, he would take photos of me and I would play around with the cameras too. Because of that, I naturally grew an interest for photography.”

A legend.


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