Dreamcatcher give interviews and reveal English names and a bunch of other stuff

Alrighty, I’m gonna be honest, this is basically just a roundup post of all the Dreamcatcher shit I compiled but was too lazy to sort through before. In a way then, it’s probably better compiled like this than what I was going to do with them at the time.


A meme to start? A meme to start.


Then there’s Dreamcatcher giving out their English names.

Now it’s Siyeon spam time, starting with her ruining her #Brand by being adorable with bunny ears.

But then she reminds herself of what she is.


Also she had her call to Dami exposed.



A while back the CEO of Happyface Entertainment, Lee Joo Won, gave an interview to Star News in which he talked about typical stuff but had a tidbit about the company’s goals for Dreamcatcher that I found interesting.

Q: What kind of girl group do you wish Dreamcatcher would be?
A: Personally speaking… Dreamcatcher does many concerts. So I hope that they grow as a performance-oriented girl group. Speaking of a goal, I hope that they can become a girl group that can hold concerts at concert halls that can accommodate 20,000 people.

Found it noteworthy because usually the primary stated goal is to have like some kind of internationally successful girl group, but HFE seems to be utterly reasonable. Or at least they went into this concept change knowing that Dreamcatcher would probably not get Perfect All-Kill shit or whatever.

They also talked with Allure about their makeup stuff, which as you might guess is of minimal interest to me. However, I did find this blurb to be of note.

Siyeon stays true to the Dreamcatcher fantasy. Whenever she can, Siyeon reaches for the darkest lip colors she can find. “She will put on purple or black lipstick,” Gahyeon explains. (She personally prefers simpler looks.) Siyeon agrees with a thumbs up before asking me if I like these shades, too. Confident in her choice of lipsticks, her question isn’t about approval but focused on affirmation. Based on my bright pink eye shadow, she seems to know that my answer would be “of course” before I even say it. Like me, the 22-year-old singer is unapologetic about her bold makeup choices, calling her personal style, “giant.” When I was her age, I wish I knew that I had every right to take up as much space as I want to with my look. At 26, I think I finally figured that out.

Something something queen legend.


Picture spam time!









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