CL sent a cryptic tweet after Jennie’s solo dropped, and things got messy with fans

About 40 minutes after Jennie‘s solo debut “SOLO” dropped, CL sent out another one of her rather cryptic tweets.

Honestly, I didn’t think much of it at the time, which is why I’m like a half day late. Mainly I thought it was whatever cause the tweets that preceded it were about Dara‘s birthday.

Of course, what I thought isn’t important, since CL’s tweet sparked a fanwar between people saying CL was talking about Dara as the bunny…

(She also liked a tweet.)

…against people who thought CL was shading Jennie’s release.

They also argued that CL might’ve been responding to what YG (who CL obviously has issues with) said as far as telling Jennie to slay everybody.

She also talked about Yang Hyun Suk‘s advice while preparing her solo debut. “He showed great concern towards this solo debut. I received messages almost every day. He picked the stage costumes one by one. He even said, ‘This one looks bad’ frankly to me.” Jennie continued, “He told me to ‘Go out and slay everyone’ the most. He didn’t mean it in a bad way, but he said this because I was too shy. He told me that ‘You can do better.’ I think he meant that I should shake off being shy and find confidence while performing as a solo artist.”

Or even that it might’ve even been about YG mediaplaying Jennie as the ‘female G-Dragon.

Yeah, I dunno. That’s the problem with sending these cryptic messages, as fans can interpret them any way they want. As a neutral, I think both sides have points, and the fact that CL hasn’t really bothered to clarify at all seems to say that she wants to keep it ambiguous. That means a whole lot of fandom mess. Hell of a month so far.


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