[Review] Lafee’s “Love Fever” is an unexpected favourite this season

Love Fever” is a new single released by artist Lafee, a female solo act I haven’t heard of personally. Not knowing much about her, I was grabbed by her charming raspy vocals in this groovy funk inspired pop song.

More than anything, Lafee’s unique vocal and her overall vibe sell the song. The instrumental is fun with a definite funk inspiration, but it’s something we’ve absolutely heard many times in pop music. The melody is catchy, with a wonderful groove to it. But, if this were done by another solo act, or even a group, would this have grabbed my attention as much? Possibly not. Lafee really sells it with her sound and personality.

At first I disliked the overly cutesy spoken line “perfect chemistry“, but by the end I hardly even noticed.  Other than that, there’s a few moments where I think the rasp in her voice is just on the edge of being a little too much, but it never truly crosses the line and still remains endearing.

The music video is very simple and there’s not much to say. While Lafee is adorable, she does her best in various sets singing to a camera. For a video like this, someone with less personality would’ve made this painful to sit through, but she shows off her naturally sweet charms without it feeling forced or infantile in any way. Refreshing! It’s almost like women can be adorable, cute, and feminine without being reduced to acting like a child,

In the end, “Love Fever” has unexpectedly become one of my favourite releases lately. It’s fun and refreshing and Lafee’s instantly recognizable vocal carries the song to be something more than it has any right to be.

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