SLEEQ responds to San E with “Equalist”, San E responds to Jerry.K with “6.9 CM” & backtracks about “FEMINIST”

After San E released a diss track to feminists called “FEMINIST“, he then basically got dunked on by Jerry.K on “No You Are Not” because he made it way too damn easy with his contradictory logic. Well, to make matters worse, SLEEQ got in on the action, dropping a response of her own that is probably even worse for San E.

Hard to top the impact of the closing.

The things you want: for women to also go to the army, for women to split the bill on dates, to get rid of women-only parking lots and seats designated for pregnant women, to split the costs equally in half when a couple gets married, for misandry to stop, for reverse discrimination to stop, get rid of WOMAD, get rid of Megall, to trust you, because you’re different from other men.

The things I want: for you to not kill me, for you to not rape me, for you to not beat me, for you to not blame the victim after killing, raping, and beating them, for you to not push me out of the system while telling me to blame the system.


Before essentially reversing course, San E had a bit of fight in him releasing a response to Jerry.K’s response, called “6.9 CM“.

This was more of a personal diss than anything else, and it’s ironic that he’s appealing to the reasonable people when he’s parroting the talking points of misogynists to begin with.

As far as Jerry.K continuing this, he said he’s done.

Jerry.K posted in reply to the new track, “I am not creating a new song in response. And if you are angry about being cut from an event, get angry at the company, but also think about the company’s point of view before that.

Kinda wanted it to go further, honestly. It was amusing.

Then again, why would it when San E basically backtracked on Instagram (read his statement here), saying he was only pretending to be an idiot.

“‘Feminist’ is not a song expressing hatred towards women. If you listen to the song one more time, you’ll see that the narrator in the song is not me. I enjoy books and movies with this meta perspective and I thought I had set up my song so that people would understand what I was doing. It seems that my set-up was weak. I chose this theme in order to speak strongly against the societal issue of hatred against both men and women. The original meaning of the song is to criticize people like the narrator in the song: people who say that they respect feminists, gender equality, and women on the outside but on the inside are hypocritical and contradict their words in the way they act and speak to women. I hope that this explanation can bring comfort to my friend and people who think like her.”

Don’t see much reason to believe him. Everything that preceded the release of “FEMINIST”, the responses after the release of “FEMINIST”, and even his explanation of “FEMINIST” indicates he holds views if not exactly what was being said in “FEMINIST” then close to it.

I’ve addressed the radfem communities in Korea before as well, and while one can understand their rage and anger, it’s also quite easy to condemn their more extreme actions, homophobia, and transphobia. So I’m certainly no fan of them, but the false equivalency San E is attempting here (even if you believe his explanation for whatever godforsaken reason) is still misguided.

Still, too often when people try to explain the two sides of this, I feel like they drifting too close to a gigantic false equivalency. Insofar as mentioning hundreds of years of institutionalized sexism in Korea (as well as modern misogynist communities) and then Korean TERF radfems and throwing their hands up as if to say, “Welp, both cancel each other out.” Seems like an intellectually dishonest way to avoid confronting harsh realities about gender inequality in Korea more than anything else. After all, the status quo is one of inequality.

Either way, it’s hilarious that San E basically had to apologize for a diss track. It’s like he just did it and then people he respected started getting mad at him, so now he’s trying to do damage control or something. It’s honestly just annoying that he went this explanation/apology route and didn’t just take his ‘L’ in a diss battle like a rapper should.

At least we got gud-ass Dril comparison tweets.


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