Steve Aoki & BTS’s “Waste It On Me” is a solid song & the MV comes with a bunch of Asian celebs

The music video for the Steve Aoki and BTS collab “Waste It On Me” was released earlier today, and while BTS themselves didn’t feature in it, they substituted in a bunch of other Asian stars for them.

The music video has Ken Jeong, Jamie Chung, Ross Butler, Devon Aoki, Jimmy Yang, Ben Baller, Joe Hahn, Jessica Lu, Jinny Chung, Jared Eng, and Tiffany Ma, though the highlight was Butler, Jeong, and Yang battle rapping.

As for the song, I thought it was quite good if not a bit basic in the sense that we’ve heard similar a bunch of times before. But that makes it a hard effort to dislike, as it has a groove that’s easy to get into and the execution is there.


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