Zico leaves Seven Seasons after contract expires, future with Block B in doubt

As I caught up on 11 months of sleep deprivation over the Thanksgiving weekend, it was reported that Zico was leaving his company Seven Seasons after his contract with them expired. However, the rest of the Block B members remained with the company, so his future with the group was up in the air.

“We and Zico have ultimately agreed to the end of his exclusive contract of the past five years. The other six Block B members aside from Zico have decided to renew their contracts with us, with all signing completed. As the time for the members to enlist is approaching, individual and unit activities will take precedence since their enlistment periods differ. As for Block B’s future activities, we are currently discussing it from many angles with all seven members.”

Obviously at this point it seems unlikely that Zico will return to the group, as it rarely ends up happening in the industry when members start leaving for different companies, at least until they’re all like 40 and need that reunion money.

Either way, Park Kyung and PO don’t seem so pressed about it.




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