‘MIXNINE’ court case continues, HFE make a point about YGE & people don’t get it

The court case between Happyface Entetainment and YG Entertainment over the MIXNINE debacle continued recently, with HFE questioning YGE about their ‘YG Treasure Box‘ survival show and whether they’d fuck them over as well.

During the proceedings, a representative of Happyface Entertainment brought up YG Entertainment’s newest survival show “YG Treasure Box.” The show includes YG trainees vying for a spot in a new boy group that the agency is planning to debut. The representative said, “I want to ask about the similarly-formatted YG audition program ‘YG Treasure Box’ and whether they have an obligation to debut [the group] if the show doesn’t do well.” In response, a source from the defendant YG Entertainment replied, “I think that there’s a different intention behind saying something like this. This isn’t an issue, and it’s a situation that can be decided upon based on the contract. It has no relation to this issue.” The court decided that it would proceed with the lawsuit and hold the next date of argument on January 16, 2019.

The amount of people that suddenly decided to cape for YGE because HFE even generally mentioned potential oppars is amazing. As is the amount of unironic comments that seriously don’t get what HFE was getting at.

And so on and so forth.

Of course, what they are mentioning is the whole damn point.

Them saying that YGE wouldn’t do to the winners of ‘YG Treasure Box’ what they did to the winners of ‘MIXNINE’ because the former are already under his control and are his investments — thus screwing them over would be screwing himself over — while the latter are not his investments and weren’t willing to submit unreasonable levels of control basically explains the gripe HFE have.

After the show tanked, YGE effectively washed their hands of ‘MIXNINE’ and threw the trainees into the trash, reneging on promises simply because they could and they assumed no nugu-ass company would dare to step to them about it. HFE have admitted that the damages they’re seeking are purely symbolic and that they just want justice to be done for once to set a precedent so other trainees don’t get screwed over in this fashion, especially with the rise of all these survival shows.

Will it work? Hopefully, but YGE brought out the big gun lawyers for this, so no result would honestly surprise me at this point. Again though, how anyone could think YGE did the right thing here is beyond me.


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