Dana blames fans for her flopping, flips the bird, brandishes knife on broadcast, issues apology

Singer Dana was 100% done with everything on a recent Instagram Live broadcast, getting into a mess because she blamed fans for her flopping, gave the middle finger, and brandished a knife.

Things started when she responded to fans asking when a new album was coming.

“My albums have to do well for me to make another one. They all failed. The reaction to ‘Touch You’ was not good either so it basically failed. If you guys had worked a little harder to get it to No.1 on the Melon Charts, I could’ve released another solo. It wasn’t Melon’s fault, it was your guys’ fault.”

When one fan made a typo in the form of middle finger characters — ‘ㅗㅗ’ — Dana responded by flipping the bird.

Then when a fan asked how she would deal with trolls, she brought out the knives, literally.

The smartest thing to do? Probably not. Entertaining as fuck to an otherwise uninterested third party? Abso-fucking-lutely.

So of course it had to result in an apology.

“Hello, this is Dana. First, I’d like to genuinely apologize for causing such an inconvenience. I’m deeply reflecting on the fact that I caused others to feel discomfort and offended by my inappropriate behavior and comments, along with my actions that were excessive enough to be dangerous. Everything is due to my negligence. I apologize once again. Many of you sent me your heartfelt support after seeing my changed appearance, so I’m sorry for disappointing you, and I feel ashamed. I will be careful and make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. I bow my head in apology once again.”

It’s been a long time since Dana first came onto my radar as what I believe was the original “second BoA” and she has certainly come a long way … at least technically speaking.


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