Conan goes to Japan, gets brutalized by etiquette lady, buys family, settles with Conan Town

Almost three months ago now, talk show host Conan O’Brien (who most importantly is not Jimmy Fallon) got into a feud with the mayor of Conan Town (of ‘Detective Conan‘ fame) in Japan, presumably to give him an excuse to do one of his always-great remotes. Well the build up was entertaining in itself, but now he’s actually posting videos from the trip.


It’s always amazing that no matter where Conan goes, he can fuck up the etiquette in grand fashion.

Amazing ability to be dunked on for his lack of attractiveness everywhere as well.

Then of course he just had to buy a family.

Three years? This has to border on human trafficking at some point, but the guy who runs the company is handsome and charming, so it’s fine!

He then ate a kaiseki meal with high-functioning sociopath Jordan Schlansky, which was essentially all to setup a Ralph Macchio‘s cameo.

Conan also went to the Toto toilet showcase with him.

The anus.

Oh … oh no.

And last but not least, he got the Conan Town matter settled.

A productive trip.


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