[Review] LABOUM’s “Turn It On” could’ve used punch, but is generally successful

With “Between Us, LABOUM marked their debut as a five-member group by changing their musical direction, and they did so effectively. “Turn It On” continues much of that maturer and serious atmosphere, though whether it could continue to be a musical success was the question.

It’s difficult to explain how I feel about this release, because while I undeniably enjoy it on some level, “Turn It On” also feels like something I shouldn’t like. The foundational sound is a rather simplistic with Latin-pop stylings, and while the guitar plucks are nicely done, it’s definitely a bit generic. But more than that, throughout the song it feels like it’s missing something as it can be a bit unengaging in its minimalism.

That said, I keep coming back to the chorus, which makes me want to move every time it comes on. I knew I couldn’t deny that I was into “Turn It On” when I was listening last night on wireless headphones, got up to pee, and as I was doing the deed the chorus hit and despite being mid-stream I had the urge to do a body wave or something. Too much information? Surely, but that’s the best way I can describe why despite the flaws I enjoyed it. The chorus really does elevate the entire effort by helping add otherwise missing tension through my anticipation for it.


“Turn It On” definitely had room for improvement, either in switching things up at some point or adding tension or honestly doing anything to not make most of it rather retread. However, in the end, a chorus that works for the listener can pave over an awful lot of flaws, and that ended up being the case for me.


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