Woohee leaves Happyface after contract expires, and now Dal Shabet is officially dead

Dal Shabet is unfortunately no longer Dal Shabet because Dal Shabet is dead following Woohee‘s decision to leave Happyface Entertainment after her contract with the company expired.

“Hello, this is Happyface Entertainment. We would like to inform you all that our company’s exclusive contract with Dal Shabet’s Woohee has expired. Woohee joined Dal Shabet in 2012 and did her best to promote with great passion. She also promoted as an actor and greeted you all through various images. With her contract coming to an end, Happyface Entertainment and Woohee held in-depth discussions and finalized our decision to support each other in our future paths. We’d like to thank Woohee, who’s been with us during this time. We promise that as Woohee’s reliable original home, Happyface Entertainment will support Woohee who will be active in various ways. Thank you once again to fans who’ve sent Woohee and Happyface Entertainment their love. We ask for your unchanging interest and loving support. Thank you.”

This sucks, not only because Dal Shabet is officially over but also because so is the easy content about Woohee literally being Dal Shabet.

While the group never blew up and struggled to develop a fandom (always wonder how much impact that mess with B1A4 had), their songs did better digitally than you probably thought. But almost like groups in the vein of Rainbow and Nine Muses, they just felt like a collective that could’ve done better if they got a bit luckier for one reason or another.


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