San E is now threatening to sue people who directed mean signs towards him and stuff

San E is in the middle of a mess regarding feminism right now, and that has somehow led him to threatening legal action against people saying unfriendly things about him or something.

On December 4, San E uploaded a video titled “SBS’s Misogynist San E Framing …Stop the Witch Hunt” on his personal YouTube channel. In the video, he stated, “I watched major network [SBS’s news coverage]. They edited [the video] really maliciously. They sidelined the entire situation of that place and edited parts together to frame me as a misogynistic rapper. As a major network everyone watches, they created fake news and reported it just like that.” He continued, “The one who was sexually harassed was me. The media said it was just some [of the audience], but those that came to the [Brand New Concert] will know. It was a situation in which I was even hit by character assassination. I’ll be taking strong legal action against those who insulted, sexually harassed, and threw things at me during the concert.”

SBS is in discussion about how to respond to this, but the shit with SBS is not what’s amusing about this.

In response to San E’s comments, a source at SBS stated that the SBS newsroom was currently “discussing matters.”

The feminism issue has been discussed to death already, so whatever. Putting that aside, he’s a rapper and he’s threatening to sue people for holding up mean signs and what not? Shit is like a stand-up comedian suing hecklers or something. Like I know this is San E’s grift now or whatever, but come on, bro. Fucking embarrassing.


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