San E makes mess at company concert over feminist issue, drops “Oong Ang Oong”, company apologizes

San E has continued with the feminist issue mess, this time at a concert for all of Brand New Music.

On December 2, San E performed at the “Brand New Year 2018” concert. When San E came on stage near the end of the concert, the audience started to boo. San E asked the crowd, “Everyone, do you all hate me?” and the audience replied, “Yes,” very loudly. A pig doll with words criticizing San E was also thrown onto the stage. San E then went on to say, “All the Womad and Megal who came, there’s something I’ve been meaning to say. I don’t give a f***. Womad is poison. Feminist no. You all are mentally sick. Jerry.K, you’re Womad’s dickboy. 6.9 cm that’s your dick though b****es.” (Womad and Megal, short for Megalia, refer to controversial, radical feminist online communities in South Korea.) Then he said, “I don’t think there’s a need for me to respect you if you’re not going to respect me.” Later he continued, “Everyone paid to be here, but you don’t enter a restaurant to cause a riot. I wish you all can create a fan culture where you don’t abuse your power. I don’t care how much you all attack me. I support sane women. Womad and Megal are evils of society.”

Obviously there were people there who wouldn’t want San E around due to the recent controversy anyway, but this was even a worse crowd to do this in front of because there were a ton of idol fans there.

Feel free to read the entire thread for a fan account if you wish (or watch San E’s edited video here), but the point is that San E making a mess of things for the whole audience was awkward at the very least.

As such, Rhymer had to come out and apologize for San E.

The concert was halted and the concert mood became cold. Brand New Music’s CEO Rhymer came out and apologized in San E’s stead. Rhymer said, “I’d like to take the time to apologize if there were people who felt upset during the concert.” He emphasized, “All Brand New Music artists think different. Everyone can have their own thoughts, beliefs, and conscience. We will continue to protect their thoughts. Our music and thoughts may be different, but we are one.”

I actually don’t have a problem with anybody going after the radfem groups for reasons I’ve explained before, so I guess what it comes down to is whether you believe those are the only people that San E has gone after. Unfortunately, as I’ve also expressed before, the problem with that narrative is he has conflated toxic radfem activities with reasonable arguments made by feminists (like with the gender pay gap stuff and what not) and thus I’m not sure how one can believe he wasn’t lashing out at feminist groups and roping them in with the radfem sites. As such, his whole shtick right now just rings hollow for me. He got a ton of backlash at the outset for his views of feminists, even from those close to him, so he’s now trying to rebrand and convince people it was always only about radfems.

Speaking of that, he continued to speak out for victimized men or something, releasing “Oong Ang Oong“.

Comparing radfems to Nazis and the KKK seems … alrighty then.

Anyway, for those hoping this will be San E’s downfall, I actually don’t think that’ll be the case even if he does eventually become too toxic a property for Brand New Music. The reality is that there’s always a huge market out there for those willing to bootlick for the establishment.


Since none of this stopped fans from being mad that they basically paid a lot of money to see their idols and instead were subjected to unhinged rants from San E, Brand New Music released an apology of sorts.

“Hello, this is Brand New Music. We [at Brand New Music] accept full responsibility for all of the controversies related to the ‘Brand New Year 2018’ concert, and we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable because of this incident, including the audience members and the [other Brand New Music] artists. We will be even more cautious in the future and make efforts to ensure that this kind of incident never happens again. Thank you.”

Think they make it quite clear that he has the backing of his company, likely for the reason I mentioned above. Attention is valuable.


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