BTS’s ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ receives Grammy nomination for Best Recording Package

BTS‘s album ‘Love Yourself: Tear‘ received a Grammy nomination in the Best Recording Package category, with their art director HuskyFox getting the nod.

Granted, even if BTS’s album wins at the 2019 Grammy Awards, the award will be (rightfully) presented to the art director and not the performers.

The Grammy Award for Best Recording Package is one of a series of Grammy Awards presented for the visual look of an album. It is presented to the art director of the winning album, not to the performer(s), unless the performer is also the art director.

So they’ll be disappointed to not receive a nomination themselves, but it’s at least recognition of their existence, I guess.

For those who are disappointed, just remember that even awards that are considered prestigious are still about shit other than merit.

Or just that in recent times they deemed Macklemore better than Kendrick Lamar.


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