EXID’s Solji announces full recovery from hyperthyroidism

It’s been about two years now since Solji went on hiatus due to hyperthyroidism, but she returned for EXID‘s latest comeback and now she’s revealed that doctors have given her the all clear.

In the caption, she wrote, “Everyone, I am so grateful for this day. Today I had one of my regular treatments scheduled and the doctor said I was fully recovered from my hyperthyroidism. I was so grateful and happy.”  She continued, “I was aware that it was hard to make a full recovery from hyperthyroidism, but my doctor said that it was possible. To everyone else suffering from hyperthyroidism, don’t lose hope!! If you attend treatments regularly, it is possible to make a full recovery. Thank you once again to Doctor Im Seung Gil. I will work hard to stay healthy and sing from now on. Thank you to everyone who cheered me on and worried about me. I love you, LEGGO.”

Well that’s surprising. Honestly wasn’t even sure that was possible, as I thought it was one of those lifetime ailments.

I was mainly just glad Solji seemed to be doing well and was promoting without issue, but if this doesn’t figure to be a problem going forward then that’s even better for her and her music career.



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