Sashihara Rino, the GOAT, announces graduation from HKT48

Of course on the day I happen to take off to actually have a nice sleep of more than four hours, Sashihara Rino AKA The GOAT Idol announced that she would be graduating from HKT48.

At the recent HKT48 solo concert at the Tokyo Dome, it was revealed that Sasshi would be graduating on April 28 at Yokohama Stadium

Of course, as you can see in the video, both Miyawaki Sakura and Yabuki Nako were in attendance. That was a controversy in itself, and they seemed to try to get around it by having them hilariously coming out in IZ*ONE shirts at one point.

“See, you fuckers? Representing IZ*ONE, just like we said. Technically correct is the best kind of correct.”

And you know Off The Record ain’t gonna be fucking with it because they’re absolutely in on this, which nobody seems to want to acknowledge.


Anyway, HKT48 fans have informed me before that there’s no reason to worry that Sasshi, Sakura, and Nako are essentially gone from the group at the same time, and they would definitely know better than me. However, it still seems like quite a fucking blow to lose three of the most popular members in the entire system all at once.

Regardless, I will always look forward to what Sasshi has planned and I will always appreciate how hard she owns.


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