Siyeon, Yoohyeon, JiU do glorious V Live with kissing, singing … coughing

While I don’t normally post individual Dreamcatcher broadcasts from V Live, much less those of any other group, this one of the Siyeon, JiU, and Yoohyeon trio was worth bringing to everybody’s attention.

While this probably reveals bias on my part — cause I could stare at the three of them for a half an hour doing ANYTHING — I mean come on, they start it off with kissing.

They also put on a show with like vocals and filters or something.

I dunno.

Most importantly, here is Siyeon making faces, realizing one hell of a cough is coming, going off camera and having a good ol’ fashioned old man hack, and then coming back on camera with her best faux innocent face.

The best.

That is all.


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