[Review] INFINITE’s Woohyun eventually wins out with impressive “A Song For You”

A Song For You” is a track that INFINITE‘s Woohyun performed at one of his solo concerts, and only after requests from fans did he decide to release it as a digital single. It’s essentially a fan song, and given how so many of those are thoroughly mediocre (aside from Dreamcatcher’s), this was certainly a surprise.

Alright, honestly though? I tried my best to not like this so I wouldn’t have to put the effort in to write about it since I’m currently busy compiling my year-end list. Woohyun, you dick, release this shit in June or something, fuck. Despite that, as I listened to the song over and over again trying to convince myself to chuck it into throwaway territory, I eventually succumbed to its charms.

“A Song For You” is definitely a bit formulaic at is core, with an acoustic guitar riff and a simple bassline grounding the whole effort. However, there are moments that set it apart from the typical effort I skip over. The instrumental and vocals always project a feeling of moving towards something, which maintains the listener’s interest through any lulls that exist to help give the song a bit of room to breathe. The build ends up bringing in drums to pick the pace up, but it’s the chorus that stands out not only for allowing Woohyun’s vocals to explode in exhilarating fashion but also because it features these echoing, bouncy synths in the background that make quite an impact. The inclusion of clapping and whistling are also subtle ways “A Song For You” can make a lasting impression on the listener.

Anyway,  fans of Woohyun should be over the moon that a song dedicated to them at least doesn’t suck ass. As for me, I’m not sure how much I like it yet, but I know that I do like it.


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