Zelo leaves TS Entertainment, BAP now officially down to 4

Following the exit of Bang Yong Guk from TS Entertainment back in August, Zelo has also left the company after his contract expired recently, and the demise of BAP marches on.

“We are informing you that B.A.P’s Zelo’s exclusive contract with TS Entertainment has expired. After holding numerous discussions as we approached the end date of our contract with Zelo, who has been with us since December 2, 2011, we have mutually decided that Zelo’s exclusive contract will end on December 2, 2018 and that he will leave B.A.P.”

While Zelo’s contract ended over three weeks ago, he stuck around to complete BAP’s tour of Europe.

As I noted when BYG left the company, it just seemed like a matter of time before the entirety of BAP left as well, and Zelo is the latest domino to fall. Thus, BAP is down to four for now. Of course, they may reunite elsewhere once they’re all out of TSE. Seems plausible, honestly.


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