Kwangjin booted from N.Flying after FNCE concluded he dated a fan

Kwangjin took a voluntary leave from N.Flying as FNC Entertainment investigated whether he had dated a fan as a part of a slew of accusations against him by fans that emerged online just over a week ago. The company recently released a statement about their conclusions, saying that he did apparently date a fan, though they deny the sexual harassment, and gave no word on the rest of the stuff.

In order to share the exact truth to fans regarding Kwon Kwang Jin, who recently expressed his wish to leave, and take appropriate action, we put in effort to find out the truth through several additional meetings with him. As a result, we additionally confirmed the fact of him dating a fan, so we have made the final decision for Kwon Kwang Jin to leave the team. However, he is strongly denying accusations of sexual harassment, and legal action is being taken against the netizen who uploaded this post for defamation by the spread of false information, so the truth will be determined.

Honestly, it’s sorta bizarre that a member of a band smashing genitals with a fan/groupie is worthy of being kicked out, but I guess they’re idols in the end and that makes it just a stupid thing to do.

Though this type of action does make me wonder about the rest of the accusations, as there wasn’t much hesitation in dropping him.


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