Melody Day announce disbandment, which is rather unfortunate

The members of the girl group Melody Day have decided to disband and leave their company, Cre.Ker Entertainment. They debuted in 2014, but never gained much traction, so I guess this was inevitable.

The group were best known for their vocal abilities, scoring a bunch of OST tracks (especially considering their nugu status) and member Yeoeun was crowned the Mask King on ‘King Of Mask Singer‘ back in 2015.

Amusingly, it was their songs that embraced their pop sensibilities instead of vocal talent that drew my attention, with “Kiss On The Lips” landing in last year’s Top 100.

They threw up a Hail Mary by going on ‘The Unit‘, but fell short of making the final group (not that it would’ve mattered).

Sad in a way, but I don’t think much changes with this decision. OST’s will likely still be on the table, just the idol group aspect will be done-zo.


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