Lovelyz’s Mijoo & Jiae harassed at fanmeeting by guy who supposedly does this all the time

At the tail-end of a recent fansign event, Lovelyz‘s Mijoo was sexually harassed by a male fan, who yelled “lift up your leg” at her while she was wearing a short dress.

Jiae noticeably heard the fan and her mood visibly changed immediately, while Mijoo herself didn’t seem to take to it kindly and glared at the fan for a while. After turning her back to the fans for a bit, Jiae only resumed smiling after a female fan called out and told her to eat well.

While that’s creepy enough as it is, apparently this fan is infamous for doing this to Lovelyz members, which makes one wonder just how much money he’s spending on them that Woollim Entertainment seemingly doesn’t give a shit.


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Thot Leader™