Sunmi, Ha Jung Woo, Joo Ji Hoon caught up in rumors after video emerges of them … uh, talking

Video of actors Ha Jung Woo and Joo Ji Hoon talking to Sunmi at the Asia Artist Awards has recently led to rumors spreading about the trio. Basically, it’s being said that at least one of the actors was hitting on her and managed to score her phone number.

As you can see, the video is scandalous, as it clearly shows … uh, celebrities interacting like they are human. Weird.

No word from Joo Ji Hoon, probably because he has better things to do, but Ha Jung Woo denied the rumor, as he recently clarified in an interview that he wasn’t trying to get her digits.

Sunmi has also seemingly addressed the rumors on Twitter, doing so much more … um, forcefully.


I dunno man, I’m still recovering from seeing that shocking footage of people talking in public.


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