Dreamcatcher continue with the holiday busking, add “Mayday”, “Trust Me”, ballad to set

Dreamcatcher spent their Christmas busking for fans at the Coex Winter Festival, but they weren’t done there by a long shot, as they returned a few days later to do the same again with a couple variations.



“Good Night”

“Trust Me”

“You And I”

Park Hyo Shin & Kim Bum Soo Cover – “What Are Friends For”


“Trust Me” and “Mayday” were the new additions out of their songs, though I still want a live band backing for “Mayday”, dammit. The ballad cover was nice as at least it gave them a chance to show off their skills a bit.


Anyway, how many times have JiU and Siyeon made this joke in real life before they brought it to V Live?


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