[Review] Luna’s “Even So” sets a mood and doesn’t do much else

As the wait for a full f(x) comeback (Editor’s Note: LMAO) enters its fourth calendar year, each and every move by its members attracts interest from fans. However, most of the f(x)-related solo material has felt pretty un-f(x) in sound, which only seems to exacerbate listeners’ impatience.

Luna offered a spark of similar energy with 2016’s “Free Somebody“, which harnessed a 90’s house style just as the trend was getting started. In contrast, new single “Even So” slows things down for a moodier aesthetic that showcases her voice.

Honestly, this is not a pop genre I’m incredibly fond of — especially without a dynamite melody to support it. The languid, dreamlike pace ensures that “Even So” wafts in comfortably without leaving much of an impact. The song is too lively to be a ballad, but too intangible to be a convincing dance track. There’s a bit of groove to the instrumental, highlighted by a dose of disco guitar that helps the chorus shine. Otherwise, the song’s muted texture mostly remains in the background.

Luna’s vocals are reliably assured, but there isn’t much for her to do here. Nearly the entire track is performed in an airy style, matching the ephemeral quality of the production. This certainly conjures the desired mood, but at the expense of memorable, exciting melodic construction.

Songs like this are often described as “perfect for winter,” but I want to push back on that idea. Winter is already cold and dark and dreary. I understand listeners who want something undemanding and comfortable to curl up with, but I’d rather have a dynamic track — ballad or not — to lift me out of the seasonal doldrums.

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