Greek TV show successfully unites fandoms of BTS, EXO, WANNA ONE by insulting members of each group

Eutixeite‘, a Greek television show, recently had their hosts talking about TC Candler‘s ‘100 Most Handsome Men In The World‘ list (we still doing this? in 2019?), which featured K-pop idols like EXO‘s Sehun, WANNA ONE‘s Kang Daniel, and V and Jungkook of BTS.

Well, they went on to insult all of them.

Everybody else is (correctly) pointing out why this is fucked up and how it’s a perfect example of shitting on Asian men being a thing that many are still cool with, but I want to commend the hosts of ‘Excrement’ for doing the impossible: uniting the fandoms of EXO, BTS, and WANNA ONE towards a common goal.


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