NGT48’s Yamaguchi Maho assaulted by 2 men, fellow group member(s) allegedly provided her info & told them to visit her house

NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho used a Showroom broadcast to come forward earlier today regarding an incident in which she was assaulted, explaining on social media that she was stalked and attacked by two men, who allegedly got her personal information and instructions from a fellow member(s).

The Showroom broadcast basically laid the foundation for what she would reveal later.

In December of last year, Maho took a social media hiatus, and she stated recently that it was due to stress and that she had lost 4 kg in a couple weeks as a result.

Well she used social media today in order to reveal the reason she’s been so stressed, which was an attack on her last month. Before she could finish telling her story on Showroom, management cut her off, so she ended up being forced to take to Twitter in order to explain.

Maho’s description of the attack was a brutal read and quite horrifying.

While her fellow member(s) being involved will get the headlines, it’s management and authorities allegedly covering it up that makes this especially terrible because Maho essentially had nowhere she could go for help.

She also mentioned on Twitter that there are other victims who have gone through similar, which is a scary thought.

NHK ended up doing a report on Maho’s story, which revealed that police had corroborated at least parts of her story, even if NHK did sterilize it quite a bit.

This is about as big of a mess as I’ve ever seen in terms of idols, honestly. Deranged individuals attacking idols has unfortunately happened before, but group members turning on one another, leading to an attack that puts a life at risk is something else. To make things worse, management seems to be doing their best to silence this and authorities didn’t seem to be of much help, which is why Maho is coming forward with this now.

While I would be optimistic about the truth being widely exposed to the public or justice being done, given that people in power are already scrambling, it’s hard to be optimistic.

While I’m not exactly an expert on AKS ongoings, I’ll do my best to keep updated on this if anything else goes down, because this is almost surreal.


For those who want to help Maho, fans are currently using the hashtags #NGT48 and #山口真帆 on Twitter to spread awareness and get management to take action for her sake.


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