Yamaguchi Maho apologizes at NGT48 anniversary stage for ‘causing trouble’ by coming forward about being assaulted

After it was revealed yesterday that Yamaguchi Maho was assaulted by two men and that the crime was allegedly connected to a fellow group member, many were waiting somebody in charge at NGT48/AKS to say something about the situation.

Instead, the first update everybody got about the scandal was from Maho herself in the form of her apologizing at the group’s third anniversary concert, basically for creating a fuss.


Seeing her struggle with delivering this apology is difficult enough, but seeing what she had to say is just … surreal.

Honestly kind of speechless at the moment. Like we hear a lot about victim blaming and what not, but this is just so blatantly immoral that I’m not sure that quite cuts it. Maho is apologizing as if she was the perpetrator here, like bringing this bullshit to light was the problem.

Even if management eventually does do the right thing, and I have zero confidence they will, to run her out there a day after and make her give this statement to probably save her career is beyond the pale.


Since the story made news, Maho has at least received some support. NGT48 member Hasegawa Rena talks with her regularly and stood by Maho.

AKBINGO! host Muramoto Daisuke also spoke up, encouraging management to deal with this appropriately.

While I had previously assumed a cover-up attempt would be made, I didn’t expect them to make her apologize for this. So while I would also assume that at some point NGT48 or AKS would make a statement at least, I’m not so sure about anything now.

At this point it feels like the best chance Maho has to get justice is this story getting picked up internationally and then maybe AKS will get shamed into doing something.


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