Agency CEO gets 5 years for repeated sexual assault, previously served 3+ years for similar crime

The unnamed CEO of an unnamed entertainment agency has been sentenced to five years in prison after he was convicted of repeatedly sexually assaulting and defrauding celebrity hopefuls.

According to Yonhap News, the Supreme Court’s third division upheld the original verdict of five years imprisonment in the appeal trial for Lee (41), who was indicted on charges of forced sexual relations by abuse of supervisory power and abuse and fraud by a professional authority. In addition, completion of an 80-hour sexual violence treatment program, seven years of public registered information for sex crimes, and 10 years of employment restrictions on child and adolescent institutions ordered at the second trial have also been confirmed.

As for the details of his crimes, it’s predictably quite ugly.

Lee was indicted for repeatedly sexually assaulting aspiring entertainers after luring them in with the promise of appearances as supporting actors in dramas unconfirmed for production. Lee was also charged with stealing more than 200 million won (approximately $179,000) from aspiring entertainers on the pretext of paying for management expenses after he tricked them into signing exclusive contracts. In reality, the dramas that he would hold auditions for were not aired by broadcast companies, and even production for the projects was unclear.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about this, which is saying a lot, is that the CEO had previously been convicted of a similar crime.

Lee was also previously indicted in 2012 on charges of indecent assault on aspiring entertainers and was sentenced to three years and six months in prison before being released in 2015.

Seems like it would be solving a public health risk if his name and company were publicized, and I’m not sure why we still don’t know those details.

Regardless, I guess this is just another reminder of the type of fucked up shit going on away from the cameras.


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