Sashihara Rino uses TV appearance to rip management, who don’t plan on explaining Yamaguchi Maho/NGT48 mess further

HKT48 member Sashihara Rino was the most prominent and one of the most outspoken in her support for NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho as the story of her assault unfolded in the public eye, which is definitely not unexpected from Sasshi at this point but is still refreshing nevertheless.

Well Sasshi continued with those thoughts recently, alluding to the situation at her birthday party…

…and then addressing it directly and forcefully during her television appearance on ‘Wide Na Show‘.

Fans were appreciative of her honesty at least.

Yeah, I think that’s what’s refreshing. That she speaks responsibly about issues but is also seemingly mostly unburdened by trying to please those that others do their best to avoid criticizing.

Of course, another part of her being reasonable is a certainly level of cynicism about the impact her support can gave.

Right, the bottom line is that while it certainly can’t hurt that one of the most prominent 48 Group members is speaking out in favor of Maho, everything still depends basically on how badly management wants to bury this. And it certainly seems like the people in charge of NGT48 want to pretend this is now in the past.

Of course, the important thing is Maho not Sasshi, but I do perhaps naively hold out some hope that the combination of external and internal pressure being shown will cause AKS to reconsider their current course for the sake of not only Maho but to set a precedent going forward.


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