Big Bang’s Seungri tells fans YG forgot he had a concert and left him with only 2 dancers

Big Bang‘s Seungri is on tour in Asia with his ‘The Great Seungri‘ solo concert, but apparently one person who doesn’t think he’s all that great is his boss.

While on stage in Hong Kong, Seungri revealed that YG didn’t remember he had a concert that day, was questioned about whether he even needed backup dancers, and ended up being left with just two dancers for his concert.

Seungri says he’s kidding, and he’s known to joke around a bit and be self-deprecating. I get that, but uh, it didn’t sound like he was all that amused by this situation because he really did only have those two dancers in the end. Even if he was indeed joking, there was a bit of justifiable salt behind bringing it up the way he did.

Also, nothing to do with this, but what the fuck? He just speaks fluent Chinese now? What’s that, like four languages?


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