‘Everyone’s Kitchen’ is an awkward masterclass thanks to Kang Ho Dong/Miyawaki Sakura, show gets picked up

The pilot episode of Olive‘s ‘Everyone’s Kitchen‘ featured Kang Ho Dong, IZ*ONE‘s Miyawaki Sakura, ZE:A‘s Kwanghee, actor Kwak Dong Yeon, and actress Lee Chung Ah. The concept of the show is social dining, and the response to this was enough to get it picked up, though unfortunately this might not be the fixed cast.

I say unfortunate cause the pilot episode itself was like some kind of awkward comedy masterclass, with Sakura and KHD in particular leaving Craig Ferguson‘s awkward pauses dead in a ditch and sending Eric Andre back to his bitch-ass hidey hole (okay, not really, but I just wanted an excuse).

They couldn’t possibly script some of this, and that made like most of the show, so if they can’t get at least them back it’s kinda pointless.


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