[Review] Dreamcatcher continue providing comeback quality on fansongs with “Over The Sky”

Shockingly late on this since I was busy putting Dreamcatcher‘s last fansong “Full Moon” as the best of 2018, and I’m not sure what to say about Dreamcatcher releases at this point. Again, unless you really hate any rock influence, “Over The Sky” is another success for Dreamcatcher.


Aside from like “Fly High“, most of Dreamcatcher’s main songs have had a fitting dark and ominous atmosphere to them. However, “Over The Sky” definitely takes them in a bit of a different direction, setting a rather uplifting tone that’s a nice contrast with “Full Moon”.

While the chorus melody was always hard-pressed to live up to its predecessor, and it’ll be a challenge for it to age as well as that song did (obviously), it’s still a ton of fun in the end. The tempo is frantic at times and the prominent piano use works surprisingly well, and that combination makes it difficult to not stay engaged with. Things burst forward at the chorus, as the relentless attack continues with vocals to match. Noteworthy is the bridge, where the piano shines stands out in particular and serves as an effective segue into the song’s raucous finale.

The anime soundtrack comparisons are especially inevitable with “Over The Sky”, though I continue to not mind it since as with BABYMETAL comps for their darker phases, it’s … not an insult? I mean most of those songs are better than K-pop singles, so whatever. Anyway, I appreciate that Dreamcatcher provide single-esque quality on even fansongs, but I do kinda wonder why then they wouldn’t promote these as it kinda seems like a waste in way. Company strategy aside, the music remains a consistently excellent draw, this time providing the same type of edge to their sound but on something that’s bright and hopeful and ultimately eminently listenable.



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