Company rep & company investor’s wife being investigated for sexual assault of 6 trainees

A 53-year-old female company representative and the wife of her younger brother (who is an investor in his sister’s company) are under investigation by authorities for sexual assault after six trainees came forward with accusations.

Late last year, 10 male trainees from the company were in Japan for a series of performances, and they ended their stay with a group dinner. That’s where the trainees say they were sexually assaulted. “At the restaurant the representative and the other woman touched, molested, and sexually assaulted the bodies of some of the trainees. We felt both sexually and personally humiliated because of this.” While two minors were present, they were not sexually assaulted, but they were witness to the events.

The lawyer for the trainees went on to talk about about how the two women used their power and influence over the trainees, ending by saying the trainees are currently undergoing psychiatric treatment. Meanwhile, the accused women have denied all charges.


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