Dispatch publishes Burning Sun staff convos, revealing them preying on inebriated women for VIP guests

As is common with developing stories, wild swings in the narrative are to be expected, and just as it seemed like Burning Sun and Seungri and whoever else was involved had clarified most of the issues associated with the club that weren’t pending police investigation, Dispatch has released texts from an alleged group chat with Burning Sun staff.

Basically former and current Burning Sun employees talked to Dispatch and exposed how the club gets women into the rooms of their VIP clients with merchandisers who work on commission. That isn’t abnormal, but the appalling part is that the club actively targets and celebrates providing inebriated women to these VIP clients, ostensibly for sex. Furthermore, Dispatch reports that the staff does indeed supply the VIP clients with date rape drugs to use.

Unless these are revealed to be fabricated or something, they are absolutely damning.

It now appears that an almost worst-case scenario seems most likely: That Burning Sun has encouraged a culture where staff are actively participating in, contributing to, and rewarded for actions that are likely to result in the sexual assault or rape of women by these VIP clients. Add on to that the assault by Burning Sun security on a man and the fact that the victim of said assault may have been sexually harassing women in the club to begin with. So basically every possible shitty moral outcome seems to be what transpired, which is amazingly terrible.

As far as Seungri is concerned, if all this turns out to be legit I can’t see how he avoids taking some responsibility for this, especially since Dispatch’s report shows texts between employees referring to him with as CEO instead of Director. Fans and whoever can claim he had nothing to do with the club, but his association with it makes it so that he benefits if it’s successful but also gets sullied if controversies like this occur. While he may not have been directly facilitating anything (I hope), basically the best-case scenario at this point would be that he was negligently promoting a club that he knew nothing about and honestly ended up putting his own fans at risk.

At this point I almost hope it turns out this is false somehow due to what this being true could possibly entail in terms of the amount of victims involved. Especially so because I assume the story will subsequently revolve around Seungri and what not when really the story should be authorities finding out who these staff members and VIP clients are, because they should be investigated for crimes.


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