Yumin (ex-Rania) says P-Goon (ex-Topp Dogg) revealed child without consent, is raising kid on her own, and they are separated

In August of last year, former Rania member Yumin and former Topp Dogg member P-Goon were married. This was obviously one of the shotgun variety as P-Goon recently posted pictures of his child with Yumin on Instagram. Normally this would be all well and good, except Yumin clarified that she and P-Goon are separated, she didn’t give consent for the photos to be posted, and that she is raising the child on her own.

I’m writing to you for the first time in a long while. On December 7 of last year, I finally held my child in my arms. During our married life together, conflicts between us deepened and last week we agreed to get a divorce. However, a few days after that, [he] said [his] mind had changed and suggested we live together again. After asking for some time to think about it and after much consideration, we talked about a conclusion. We had promised that we would not reveal the news about our child until we were both ready, and we were careful due to concerns about how there might be hurtful things said about our child. During that stage, my husband whom I am currently separated from revealed our child on his own initiative, and I also found out through an acquaintance that he had done this. I have a lot to say and I plan to reveal what happened. We are currently separated and I am also raising our child, so I hope that false news won’t be spread.

P-Goon’s agency, Hunus Entertainment, basically provided a no comment when contacted.

Assuming this is all true, P-Goon comes off like a scumbag, though this could be just the beginning of a very public spat that unfortunately involves their kid.


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