Dreamcatcher trailer video for “Piri” + music show previews + Japanese single announced

Following the release of the picture teasers for their ‘The End Of Nightmare‘ comeback, Dreamcatcher released the trailer video for “Piri“.

So far, so good.

Pure white innocence has never looked so unnerving.

Also, we get a hint of the piri of the title, which is a Korean traditional reed instrument and seems to figure prominently. We get more of that in the comeback teasers from M! Countdown and Music Bank.

The rock core is still there, but I’ve always been a sucker for the incorporation of Asian traditional instruments into pop music, so this has promise.

Furthermore, Dreamcatcher are releasing “Piri” as a single in Japan in the middle of March as well.


Most importantly, go ahead and pre-order the shit. I’m starting another giveaway soon, but you should buy at least one anyway, then you can complete the set if you win.


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