Investigation team for NGT48’s Yamaguchi Maho’s assault scandal formed + she sorta communicates with fans

Meaty updates on the Yamaguchi Maho situation with NGT48 have been few and far between of late, likely by design as AKS is seemingly trying to weather the storm before they can bury this and continue on like business as usual.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t any updates, however, as the investigation into the incident seems to slowly but surely be forming.

Anybody can see that doesn’t look like the most independent investigation team, but AKS claims otherwise.

I dunno how AKS expects this to look, but I’m not sure this is filling people with confidence at the moment.

As for the victim herself, Maho’s status in NGT48 is up in the air.

Though it does seem she’s communicating with fans through her Likes on Twitter.

We’ll see if anything further comes of this.

All this said, the unfortunate reality is that AKS’s plan to move on from this will likely work. Outlets may have covered the initial surge as the headline for this issue can be justifiably bombastic and it’ll get clicks, but the follow-ups are less explosive and less interesting and updates will likely wane. Regardless, I’ll try my best to provide some updates as this was definitely one of the more fucked up entertainment stories involving idols I’ve covered so far.


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