Park Joon Hyung’s WASSUP MAN show on YouTube is a delight (yes, finally covering it)

Okay, so I’ve been looking for a time to work in Park Joon Hyung‘s hit YouTube show WASSUP MAN, but there was never like an explicit reason for me to do it lately. So fuck it, the fact that the JTBC-backed, Studio Lulu Lala-produced channel is host to one of the trendiest shows around is reason enough.

Basically, it’s just a lot of fun to watch. Even if the stuff they do in an episode wouldn’t seem interesting on its face, it’s fine, cause him and the editing are strong enough alone to carry your attention. Like I have no interest in whatever ice fishing festival this is, but I watched it anyway.

The most notable episodes of WASSUP MAN are where he visits the major agencies…

…meets up with Hyukoh

…and reviews Seungri‘s chain of ramen restaurants (this is actually sorta bad timing, lol).

For those Asian Junkie veterans who remember him on ‘Roommate‘, it’s like the hilarious start of his stint on that show but for 10 straight minutes.


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