Park Bom set to make March comeback with song that features Sandara Park

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom signed with D-NATION in July and now it’s being reported that she’ll be making her solo debut in March.

On February 15, Korean media outlet Star News reported that the former 2NE1 member was preparing to make a return next month. According to the report, Park Bom’s comeback has been scheduled for mid-March, and the singer is currently hard at work finishing up her new song.

It would mark Bom’s first solo since 2011.

The report has all but been confirmed as true, as YG not only provided well wishes (despite letting her take the fall for the 2NE1’s end), but YG Entertainment also confirmed that former group member Sandara Park would be featuring.

On February 15, YG Entertainment revealed, “It is true that Sandara Park will be featured in Park Bom’s upcoming comeback track.”

Furthermore, Brave Brothers will be in charge of production.

On February 15, Brave Brothers stated to news outlet Xportsnews, “For several months I received an offer from Park Bom’s side, and after a lot of thought, I decided to produce her album. I like her vocal tone, and I wanted to make her a number one artist.” Park Bom’s new song will be a medium tempo R&B track. Brave Brothers explained, “It’s a very good song, to the extent that I can confidently say that it’s the best female track I’ve ever made. I can assure you that it’s the best. When it’s released, people will say out of surprise, ‘This song is produced by Brave Brothers?’ It’s a song like no other. You can really look forward to it.” He further described, “Park Bom’s skills are still superb. Most people won’t be disappointed. Instead of being flamboyant or strong, we tried to express a special emotion. I included the vibe I had when I was in YG, but it’s not a reproduction of Park Bom’s previous image. It’ll be a totally different concept.”

Should be interesting to see how it goes.

People have forgot by now or weren’t into K-pop back then, but Bom was a massive success as a solo artist back in the day (and YG then did nothing for her), and obviously a lot of shit has happened since then but I’m interested to see what her music is like now.


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