[Review] Hwasa’s “Twit” solo debut keeps it simple, feels limiting

A solo debut from Mamamoo’s Hwasa almost felt overdue. Though each of the girls possess the necessary charisma to drive a solo career, Hwasa’s always struck me as the member most poised for a potential breakout. She’s been beefing up her variety show resume lately as well, and as debut tracks go, the amusingly titled “Twit” is a solid showcase for her rap-meets-vocal talents, even if it’s a relatively low-key effort.

“Twit” is the kind of song that tends to do well on the charts. It’s not robust or daring enough to divide opinion, and its catchy hook has a way of ingratiating itself very quickly. And really, everything about “Twit” is designed to support that chirpy refrain. The song lays out its intentions immediately, opening with the synth riff that will eventually become its oft-repeated core. It’s a breezy, descending melody that uses simplicity to its advantage, casting a throwaway kind of charm that’s effortlessly cool.

In between these hooks, Hwasa is given a chance to display her magnetic personality, rapping and singing in equal measure. It all feels a bit freeform at times, but there are moments of inspiration. I love when the melody slows down, surging over distorted guitar or commanding brass. “Twit” could have used more of this experimentation. Its dynamic bridge is testament to that, as the repetitive instrumental takes a backseat to Hwasa’s imposing vocal. Moments like these make her an interesting talent to watch. I feel like we’ll be hearing even better things from her in the future.

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