Dreamcatcher’s ‘The End Of Nightmare’ showcase, jacket photo, MV making-of + “Piri” fanchant & Dreamcatcher Company

Dreamcatcher recently made a (successful) comeback with “Piri” off ‘The End Of Nightmare‘ album, and Happyface Entertainment immediately inundated fans with content. I’m not complaining, but holy shit it’s a lot of stuff.


Anyway, let’s start at the start with their comeback showcase, where they performed “Piri” and b-side “Daydream“, as well as had a talk and picture session.


Anyway, they almost immediately released the making-of videos for the jacket photoshoot as well as the music video.

That was followed with the release of the fanchant.

And last but certainly not least, is the news that broke moments before the premier of the music video, in that Dreamcatcher would now be under a label by the name of Dreamcatcher Company.

On that day, Jiu said “Our agency changed name from Happyface Entertainment to Dreamcatcher Company. We know that that is a change that means they’re supporting us a bit more” She added: “So even though there is a burden to it, too, we work hard on our promotions to be suitable for the company’s name. I hope that you will watch us.”

Queens did that. Yadda yadda yadda.

Though judging by what HFE’s other group (or upcoming group) is doing, it seems more that they are creating dedicated subsidiaries.

Regardless, as JiU said, it’s hard not to see this as a commitment to the group, easing any potential worry about their future.



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