After police raid, Burning Sun reportedly shutting down + police expand probe to other Gangnam clubs

Following Seungri‘s denial that he knew a woman suspected of distributing drugs, the Burning Sun saga continues on with a police raid of the club.

35 investigators (which seems like a lot) were involved in the raid on both Burning Sun and the Yeoksam police headquarters.

According to News1, the Metropolitan investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency dispatched 35 investigators and conducted a raid on Burning Sun club and Yeoksam District police unit at 3:30 pm Thursday afternoon on the 15th. Police finished the search at Yeoksam four hours later at 7:30 pm and Burning Sun at 9:20 PM, six hours later. The police secured the original hard disk CCTV footage at Yeoksam District as well as the body cam of the crew. They also confiscated programs related to the alleged collusion of police officers at Yeoksam District Unit. In addition, at Burning Sun, they seized relevant data necessary to investigate the alleged suspicions of drugs, sex crimes, and collusion at the club. 

A representative of the investigative team confirmed the reports.

“We have confirmed those CCTV’s that are working and those that are not.  We have secured original CCTV from those that are working and we’re currently analyzing it. We will conduct further investigations and detailed analysis of the confiscated items. After that, we plan to summon those who are involved in the case, including those who earlier, the Police designated as the investigators in the original allegations. We have created a task force and are planning on conducting an internal investigation in the police collusion within the club. We will also investigate the additional suspected cases of sexual assaults and drugs.” “In particular we’re paying special attention to the collusion between the club and the Police. We have secured and analyzed all 112 reports related to the Club since February 23, 2018, and will also investigate the phone records and financial transactions of police officers and club executives who worked at Yeoksam after the club opened its doors.”

So yeah, thing are getting progressively more serious as this goes on.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s now being reported that Burning Sun will shut down.

A representative from ‘Burning Sun’ reportedly revealed, “We have decided to shut down business, in light of the ongoing investigation. This does not mean that we admit to all of the controversies.” Even after the above mentioned controversies garnered media attention, clubgoers continued to visit ‘Burning Sun’ regularly. Back on February 14, it was revealed that approximately 2,000 customers visited the club. Still, the club admitted that profits were currently only 50% of the expected amount. 

Part of the reason for that may simply be that nobody is particularly surprised at what’s been revealed. This is something that’s beyond Seungri and Burning Sun at this point, as authorities are widening a crackdown, focusing on clubs located in Gangnam.

“In addition to Burning Sun we have widened the scope of the drug investigation to clubs in the Gangnam area,” said an official of the regional investigation unit at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. “It is inevitable to broaden the investigation as club promoters that receive a commission for attracting customers work with a number of clubs at the same time.”

So yeah, this mess definitely appears to somehow be getting even worse. As not only was Burning Sun raided, but so were the local police, and now authorities are investigating whether the alleged activity at Burning Sun was simply the norm for clubs. Yeesh.


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