IU showed up & performed at fan’s graduation ceremony, fulfilling a promise

IU recently attended a graduation ceremony for Gimje Girls’ High School on Valentine’s Day, and if that seems odd then it’s because it is. The reason she ventured down there despite being rather out of her way was to fulfill a promise she made at a fanmeeting event.

During the fan meeting, IU was asked by a fan, who was a high school senior at the time, to host a “School Attack” event at her school—Kim Je Girls’ High School. IU replied that she would go to the school’s festival instead. Unfortunately, the school had already held their festival, so IU promised to attend the graduation ceremony on February 14 if she had no other plans and after talking to the school. According to students at the graduation ceremony, IU gifted flowers to her fans and other students as well.

Honestly, who the fuck does this?


But lest you think IU has gone soft, be rest assured, she’s still running shit with an iron fist.


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