Dreamcatcher perform “Piri” on music show circuit, also “Chase Me” & “Daydream” on The Show

As I make my way through the seemingly endless amount of content that follows every Dreamcatcher comeback — which I’m always grateful for as a fan until I have to sort through all the shit — here’s Dreamcatcher performing “Piri” on every music show since they recently completed the cycle. Additionally, they performed “Chase Me” and “Daydream” on The Show, which they finished in second for because there is no god.

M! Countdown – Broadcast

M! Countdown – Fancam

Music Bank

Music Core


The Show

The Show – “Chase Me”

The Show – “Daydream”

Show Champion

I sorta get not performing “Diamond“, as it a similar rock sound that wouldn’t draw in those who aren’t into rock, but it’s definitely hard to understand “Daydream” over “And There Was No One Left“.


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