SOPA students make musical video revealing what performing at their principal’s private parties entailed

Last month, a story broke about the principal of SOPA and his wife being involved in essentially a scam in which they had students perform at their private events and pocketed the fees.

That alone was certainly shitty enough to justify the recommendation to dismiss the couple from the school. But now the students themselves have made a video talking about what they had to endure during these events, expanding on the report with further details … all through song.

Good lord they made a musical about the principal’s abuse of power.

Given what we know about the seedier sides of the entertainment industry, it’s difficult to be shocked that any of this happened, and it’s like the principal took his job of preparing them for all the bullshit far too literally. Everything they’re saying is entirely believable, and now it’s just a matter of seeing if anybody is going to do anything about it.

As the students allude to in the video, the powers that be of a school of this level of repute will certainly want to suppress this story, so hopefully there will be an investigation at some point and consequences will be doled out if wrongdoing is found. Though honestly, it’s hard to blame anybody for being cynical as to whether this gets any traction.


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