‘Produce_X101’ contracts are 5 years (2.5 exclusive & 2.5 shared), Mnet edge closer to just taking idols entirely

The ‘Produce‘ series is returning soon (yes, already), and ‘Produce-X101‘ is also coming along with even longer contracts for the idol hopefuls.

Mnet confirmed that the final group will have a five-year contract, with 2.5 years of that being exclusive to the final group and 2.5 years of it being shared between the final group and their own company.

On February 27, reports emerged that “Produce_X101” recently settled on a contract of five years for their debut group. Mnet confirmed the news and explained, “Members will be asked to focus all of their attention on the group for the first two and a half years, with the remaining two and a half years allowing them to pursue both individual and group activities freely.”

Season one had a one-year contract, season two had a 1.5-year contract, and season three has a 2.5-year contract, so this is a significant shift, and an honestly rather ridiculous one given that the typical contract for an idol with the company nowadays is seven years. So essentially they’re edging closer and closer to just outright taking the trainee from the company and paying them royalties.

Can’t wait for ‘Produce: 7 Faster 7 Furiouser’ when broadcasting companies “give” trainees 20-year slave contracts if they “win”. Full circle, baby.


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