SBS reporter responds to denials, says Seungri texts are legit + YGE states Seungri will cooperate with investigations

Following statements by YG Entertainment and Yuri Holdings that both claimed the text message exchange revolving around providing prostitutes for investors were fabricated, SBS FunE reporter Kang has stepped forward to push back against their claims.

“It’s all true. There’s no reason for us to fabricate or edit the messages that were released. Besides toning down some of the extreme expressions, we didn’t edit it at all. We will actively cooperate with the investigation if we are called to do so.”

The back-and-forth isn’t necessarily a surprise, though it is noteworthy that a reporter has personally responded to denials and pushed back against them.

Meanwhile, YGE has released a statement in response to police investigating the report, saying that Seungri will cooperate with the proceedings.

We are relaying Seungri’s statement that he sent us yesterday evening.
For the last month, regarding the unsettling issues and news that have been brought forth about him, Seungri has continuously expressed his apologies to everyone. Though it’s small, Seungri has revealed that he wishes to, as soon as possible, submit to drug tests as well as actively cooperate with investigations on all the allegations surrounding him.
YG Entertainment is of the same stance as Seungri, and our legal team will be contacting investigative authorities this morning to relay Seungri’s wishes to go into the station soon to cooperate with investigations. We hope that through thorough investigations by the police, the truth of the indiscriminate rumors will be revealed, and if there is even the slightest issue, Seungri will have to accept the legal consequences. Conversely, if the rumors are proved false, we will, in addition to requesting a police investigation, be preparing all routes of legal action.

I mean, I’m not sure there was much of an alternative here, but I assume the statement was just to make sure everybody knew they would be cooperating and most importantly re-stating that they would be taking legal action.

Unlike the Burning Sun group texts where there was no push back against their legitimacy, it seems best to just wait and see since both sides are adamant. Though understandably the general public reaction at the moment is disbelief that SBS would fabricate text messages or not check their legitimacy in a story like this.


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