Pledis forced to acknowledge a PRISTIN member, deny Kyulkyung is dating Chinese billionaire Wang Sicong

While PRISTIN are collectively locked in the Pledis Entertainment dungeon, the company was forced to acknowledge the existence of one of the members recently when bizarre dating rumors broke out that she was dating Chinese billionaire Wang Sicong.

What reportedly began as false news from a Taiwanese source claiming that Wang Sicong and Kyulkyung went traveling to Japan together spread to Chinese online communities and was blown out of proportion.

In response to the report and subsequent rumors, both Pledis and her Chinese company XCSS Entertainment issued forceful denials and threatened legal action.

Pledis stated, “The rumors of Kyulkyung and Wang Sicong dating are false. We are considering taking legal action if the rumors continue.”

XCSS Entertainment also released an official statement saying that the claims on online platforms stating that Wang Sicong and Kyulkyung traveled together have led to misunderstandings about Kyulkyung and damaged her image. They further stated, “We warn and heavily criticize these internet users and request the immediate deletion of these rumors. Furthermore, we ask the corresponding internet platforms to block and delete the rumors,” and added that they will take legal action if the posts are not deleted promptly. XCSS concluded their statement saying, “We hope many internet users will rely on objective facts and the law, logically determine the truth behind information on the internet before reproducing or commenting on them, and stay within the boundaries of law while respecting the dignity and rights of others.”

Well, that certainly would’ve been a bizarre couple.

At least Pledis was forced to acknowledge that Kyulkyung exists, which means she’s still under the company and is one step removed from acknowledging PRISTIN exists! Wee woo!


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